eat up the attention

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hi, I've got a question: what does ''eat up'' mean in this context:

''I've been thinking about a career in fashion,'' she added casually. The hundred-odd-person film crew gaped at her, just waiting for the director to verbally chop off her head. Blair went on in an oblivious loud voice, eating up the attention. ''Everyone has a calling, and I think fashion is mine.''

what does this ''eating up the attention'' mean: that she enjoys the attention, or that everyone is carefully listening to her?
  • kitenok

    Senior Member
    It means that she is speaking a way that gets the attention of everyone in the room.
    This is interesting -- my first impression was that she was "eating it up" in the sense that she liked the attention. I think it can be legitimately read either way at first glance.


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    UK English
    I think it means to feed from the attention, i.e. to soak it up or to revel in it.
    The primary meaning must surely be to enjoy the attention.

    At the same time you can't eat up attention unless you get everyone else's attention, so there's a little bit of creating attention involved.


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    English - British
    Yes. Of course, to "eat up the attention" can mean to enjoy the attention that one is getting.
    I read it differently, but after reading it again, I may well have been wrong.
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