Eating chicken sandwich/sandwiches and chicken breast/breasts


"Eating grilled chicken sandwich and grilled chicken breast can help you lose weight"

Hi all members, does adding "es" to "sandwich" and "s" to "breast" will make the sentence above more grammatical?

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    Welcome, STMC!!! I agree with owlman.

    You could state it in a more general form: Eating grilled chicken instead of fried chicken may/can help you lose weight.

    I'm not quite sure of your context, though.


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    "Breast" could be uncountable singular or countable plural because you could be eating slices of chicken breast (that couldn't be re-assembled into one piece) rather than individual whole chicken breasts. I hope that your sandwiches are whole countable sandwiches or, at least, countable portions of sandwiches. :)
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