Eccetto - Salvo - Tranne

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Hi folk
What is the difference with these 3 words when using them to explain an'exception? Can I use eachother for same situation?
Thank you...
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  • carolinskaya

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    Hi 1912!
    The word "salvo" is often related to an unpredictable event, i.e. " you' ll arrive by train to your town except (salvo) a strike"
    About "eccetto" and "tranne", they are related to situations or actions that happen not in free way, i.e. " you can eat everything in this restaurant except (eccetto/tranne) fish because it is finished" or in not completely way, i.e. "the forecasts forecast a bad weather in Italy except (eccetto/tranne) some regions".
    I hope helped you!

    Cigno Nero

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    Great information... Then what about escluso? I guess the same meaning but the use of it is similar to which of the above?
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