echar balones fuera

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  1. cirrus

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    Crug Hywel
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    Acabo de dar con echar balones fuera en el editorial de El País de hoy.
    "Los Gobiernos europeos y sus órganos intergubernamentales están echando balones fuera cuando se les pregunta sobre los vuelos fletados por la CIA que tocaron sus aeropuertos para transportar a personas detenidas en la llamada guerra contra el terrorismo.."

    Para mi, este uso de echar balones fuera es nuevo. Ahora mi pregunta: ¿qué otras maneras hay de decir la misma cosa? In English we would talk about politicians deliberately missing the point or being evasive. I am sure there are other ways of saying this but until my morning coffee kicks in, none come immediately to mind.

    Thanks everyone for your input
  2. Chaucer Senior Member

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    No decir nada para no responder a la pregunta

    It's more than evasive, it's flat refusal to acknowledge existence of an issue:
    reluctant to speak or say anything when asked about
    refuse to comment on
    remain silent concerning/about
    are not responding to questions about
    are being non-responsive about
  3. diegodbs

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    echar, o lanzar, balones fuera.1. frs. coloqs. Responder con evasivas, o eludir una situación comprometida.

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  4. cirrus

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    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    Reporting back after coffee and walking the dog in the park

    I've come up with more synonyms: not giving someone a straight answer or more idiomatically we talk about people leading someone a merry dance - you come across this with politicians, ask them about for example about a road and they talk about airports, the price of coffee, the difficulty of finding a plumber...

    Thanks Chaucer and Diego for your input.
  5. stcrocefirenze Senior Member

    español castellano, españa
    I' am afraid the point is lost; echar balones fuera is more about to refuse your share of responsability, and state that there are other people that are the actual responsible or in charge of the issue; if we were talking about eclususibely about a kind of "dodging" answer, in spanish is more "salirse por los cerros de Ubeda", but ehcar balones fuera does not requiere even the use of language in all the possible scenarioss ("answering"), but of the facts, it can be more like an action (despite it can be associated with words) when you cannot "poner la pelota en el tejado del otro",and you still want to dodge your (alleged or probable) responsablity, then you "echas balones fuera"
  6. etlj89 Senior Member

    Virginia, U.S.A.
    English - U.S.A.
    Is this similar to the expresion "marear la perdiz"? If not, what is the difference between "marear la perdiz" and "echar balones fuera"?

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