Echar pa' lante [Echar para adelante]

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    Hey everyone

    I'm from Venezuela and we have this phrase "Echar para adelante" we, somtimes short it to "Echar pa' lante" anyway, it means "to do something to success". so when you say someone is "echada pa lante" it means they are successful people, who never stops working and trying to come up with something new that will take them closer to achive their goals... so how would you say THAT in English. is there a phrase to describe someone like that?

    btw it is not only use to describe someone. it can also be use this way

    boy: (who just got fired from his job) No se que hacer ahora sin trabajo!!
    man: pues no queda mas que echar pa alante y no flaquear.

    so I want to know how to say that in both contexts

    Thank you all for your help
  2. salvador_1_99

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    Maybe the expression you are looking for is "cheer up" you will be over her/you will do it well next time...
  3. gza1105 Senior Member

    well I think Cheer up is more like "animate" (sorry I dont have accents in this pc) but by "echar pa lante" I mean like YOU HAVE TO do something to get out of certain situation, and not just stay in the past... well in the example I gave, this man says Echa pa lante to this boy because he lost his job, so he doesnt mean like "Animate".. what he means is like "dont let this situation stop you.. you have to move on" you know what I mean?

    thanks for your help
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    If I were you, I'd use the expression 'Never say die' in this case you mention, this is never give up.
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  5. gza1105 Senior Member

    yeah, I guess that could work, thanks!
  6. Andreaferrer New Member

    Hola! Alguien echado pa'lante es " A go getter" :)

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