echar pelillos al mar

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  1. gred Senior Member

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    My dictionary says that this expression means to let bygones be bygones, but also says that pelillos are short hairs. What is the literal meaning in English of "echar pelillos a la mar"?
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    "Echar pelillos a la mar" is an expression that has no sens with its literal meaning... The literal meaning is: to throw short hairs to the sea. lol. This is a non-sense meaning... but as expression it means what you said: to let bygones be bygones.
  3. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Como se diria en ingles, pelillos al mar, que significa olvidemos las pequenas rencillas entre nosotros y comencemos de zero. THanks
  4. Let bygone's be bygone's
  5. fenixpollo

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    A small correction, raincrow, because the bygones do not belong to anybody:
    Otras alternativas:
    It's water under the bridge
    It's old news
    Let's bury the hatchet
  6. jeterinmicipen Banned

    THank you guys.

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