Economic aid versus economic assistance


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Hello everybody,

Could you please explain me the difference between "economic aid" and "economic assistance"? If there is any?

Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to the forum, Aada. :)

    They're certainly very close, but one might be preferable to the other, depending on the context. Could you give us the full sentence in which you're thinking of using one of these phrases?


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    There isn't really a linguistic difference, but where expressions like these are used as labels / titles of government programs, there may well be differences between the programs. Do you have a more specific context?


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    Thank you for such quick answers :)

    In the book is for example: "They distributed substantial amounts of economic assistance to the less developed countries. The emergence of economic aid as an important instrument in the overall foreign policies is evidenced by....". I don't understand at all why the author used different terms. :/
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