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¿Cómo traducirían economic bottom line? Acá va la frase:
The education of these people took place in communities and workplaces where racial discrimination, invisibility, and the economic bottom line were often the most prominent “teachers.”

Mi ensayo:
La educación de estas personas tuvo lugar en las comunidades y los lugares de trabajo, donde la discriminación racial, la invisibilidad y los balances económicos fueron con frecuencia los “maestros” más destacados.
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    The term "bottom line" comes from the world of financials statements. On a statement of revenues and expenses, the very last line is the one that shows whether there is a profit or a loss and the amount.

    So the bottom line shows the financial results of a company's year of operation (if this is a yearly statement). The expression "bottom line" has come to refer in many situations to financial results or, simply, results.

    “That’s the bottom line” can probably be best translated by “that is what is essential”.

    But sometimes it means "that's the reality".

    Sorry about the preamble. I have been reading through some of the previous posts and distilling and consolidating wisdom from them.

    In my opinion, "economic bottom line" in the text refers to personal financial situation and monetary considerations. In other words, the issues would be whether one has a job or not, how much one is paid, how many mouths there are to feed, making it to the next paycheque, etc. In essence, economic reality.

    I propose using: “realidad económica”
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