Economic condition or financial condition?


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Hi. If I want to describe there's a family which is poor, which of the following terms should I take?

Is it the economic condition (is bad) or the financial condition (is bad)?

I think "financial" is the right word to use; the word "economic" sounds to me like describing the fact somebody knows to how to spend their money wisely.

Thanks for the help.
  • drinkwater

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    Say, "I think the government should offer a free university education to the students whose families living in difficult _______ conditions."

    Should I fill in economic or financial in this case? Thanks for the help.


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    I would probably use "financial" there ... it sounds more personal. So, "financial conditions" for families; "economic conditions" for government entities. :) Others may have other ideas.*

    *Beryl was kind enough to wait ... now's her chance to offer an alternative viewpoint. ;)

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    Then I think neither expresses the idea the families in question are poor. Rich or poor, the prevailing economic conditions (in which we live) are difficult, in my opinion. (Cross-posted)


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    I must say that, strictly speaking, Beryl is right, though in practice everyone would see another 'politically correct' way to call the poor poor. :) I would probably have offered something here, but my hands are tied by the word 'conditions'. If it was another word, like circumstances or means, I might try...