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    what is the differentiate between: economic and economical in translation
    e.g: is it correct to say: economic book>>>> كتاب اقتصادي او كتاب يتحدث عن الاقتصاد
    economical book>>> كتاب رخيص واقتصادي في سعره
    كيف افرق بين الكلمتين باللغة العربية ,مجال داستي حاليا الترجمة الاقتصادية والمالية بس ماني عارفه الفرق بين ذا الكلمتين بشكل دقيق
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    Wadi Jinn
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    Maybe this will help:

    can be a noun: ...The economy of Bahrain depends on the generosity of Saudi Arabia.
    can be an adjective: ...He bought an economy car because his salary was cut in half.
    can be an adverb: ...He had to travel economy-class instead of 1st class because his wife insisted on going on the trip with him.

    can only be a noun: ...He studied economics in college but he ended up a homeless pauper anyway.

    can only be an adjective and it has to do with distribution, production etc of wealth, income and so on.

    ...The economic situation in Somalia accounts for the growth of piracy on the high seas.

    can only be an adjective and it means “avoiding waste, frugal, thrifty”: It cannot mean “cheap” or "inexpensive"

    ....They led a very economical life and watched and counted every qirsh and halalah.

    ....He bought an economical book about divorce.:cross: ...He bought a cheap book about divorce. :tick:
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    so we can say for example: the DIFC and Government of Dubai want to create an environment for progress and economic development in UAE.
    يطمح مركز دبي المالي وحكومة دبي الى خلق بيئة للمساهمة في تطوير وتنمية الاقتصاد في الامارات
    I didn't understand (economical) very well, when I want to translate it to the Arabic I can say (مقتصد, مدخر)

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    Wadi Jinn
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    1. can say "...progress and economic (adj) development...".
    You can also say: (closer to the Arabic) "...progress and the development of the economy (noun)...." They both essentially mean the same thing.

    2. economical : I can't explain it clearer than I have above. Remember, economical can only be an adjective. The precise Arabic term would depend on the "context" might not even be an adjective in Arabic. In English, synonyms for "economical" are: frugal, thrifty, avoiding waste etc.


    "That's quite an economical car ! It gets 40 miles per gallon !" (this doesn't mean the car is "cheap" means it uses very little petrol)

    "By nature, she's very economical. She never spends money on luxuries" (this means she's very careful with her money and buys only necessities)

    That architect uses a very economical style in his house designs" (this doesn't mean his style is "cheap" means he's very careful with the space he uses to build his houses).

    Exactly which Arabic term you would use in these cases to translate "economical", I can't tell you. But you'd probably have to use 3 different words or even phrases in each case....because the context is different.

    [To go back to your original post: "an economic book" :cross: is incorrect (and doesn't mean anything). You'd have to say: "A book on economics" or "A book about the economy" (depending on exactly what you were trying to say). You could say: "An economics book" :tick: meaning a book about the science of economics.

    Same with "an economical book".:cross: It doesn't mean anything.] You'd have to say "a cheap (inexpensive) book" if that's what you meant.
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    Thanks a lot :)

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