Economie de la connaissance

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    Hello all,
    I'm looking for feedback regarding the translation of "économie de la connaissance". Here is the context:

    "Beyond this initial goal, developing such a platform will allow the partners to create an important tool that will help them to back their progresses toward a true "économie de la connaissance".

    I'm thinking to: management of knowledge, but I'm afraid that "management" does not content actually the concept of economy.
    Is there anyone who could have a better idea or know the actual translation?
  2. wistou Senior Member

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    French - France
    "knowledge management" is very common, but in a slightly different meaning ("gestion des connaissances")
  3. WillHelpIfICan Senior Member

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    Bit in bold unclear
  4. Momerath Senior Member

    British English

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