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Hello my friends!

If truth be told I'm not sure if this is a proper thread for such a question but after quickly skimming through the forum I haven't found any particular sections for translation purposes. I'm learning for Cambridge CAE and in order to improve my English I'm translating different things. I've been recently working on British EDGE magazine and I can't catch the meaning of this sentence (in context):
"...Playstation brand that had laid waste to competitors since its foundation in 1994. Except Nintendo wasn't ready to relinquish its grip on the handheld market, which had only tightened since 1989, and its DS went on to sideline Sony's offering."

I have difficulties with understanding 'to relinquish a grip' part and 'to tighten (but tighten what?) since...' and what 'sideline'?

And another thing, what does 'yet' in 'something yet something' mean? e.g. 'beautiful yet deadly'? Does it stand for but?

All in all I'm asking moderators to tell me if this is a good place to ask such questions, because except this one, I'm sure that I will have plenty of difficulties with translating EDGE and I will need more help.

Thanks very much!!
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    "relinquish its grip on the handheld market" means "lose its dominance in the handheld market." "relinquish" means "give up" and "grip" means "control." "tighten its grip" means "maintain and increase its dominance." You can see how the word "grip," which is when you grasp something in your hands, is being used figuratively here, to mean "control." And yes, "yet" would mean "but there."

    This is a perfect place to ask such questions as long you follow the rules. If you want to be able to show your translation you have to go to the Polish forum of course.


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    Thanks for you answer Tazzler,

    so let me ask if I understand it correctly - it means that Nintendo was dominant only around 1989 and later it relinquished its grip and Sony took advantage?


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    No, Nintendo has been the dominant company in the handheld market and in 1989 became even more dominant. "wasn't ready to relinquish its grip" means that Nintendo was not going to allow another company to supplant it in the market. Remember that you can quote up to four lines of text.


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    Okay, thank you, I understand now. Please explain me the last thing with that 'sideline'. So the main gist is that Nintendo has always been dominant in the market and wasn't even thinking of letting Sony supplant - that's clear, but I do not understand the whole 'and its DS went on to sideline Sony's offering' (DS = Dual Screen - handheld console).

    PSP was technically advanced than DS and even though DS was more popular among gamers - that's background information not included in the article which I'm translating, but even though I have difficulties with catching the meaning of the sentence. Knowing the market itself I can conclude that DS had more owners than Sony's PSP but what exactly does to 'go on to sideline' mean? I was trying to look it up in the dictionary but it says 'to stand aside'. It doesn't seem to fit here though.


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    Please open your "sideline" question in a new thread. We limit each thread to the discussion of a single word or phrase.

    You might also have a look at previous threads. I found these (but haven't looked at them) by putting sideline in the Search box at the top of the page.
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    If you can't find your answer there, you're welcome to add to one of those threads or open a new one if you think your question is unique.
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