educación básica ampliada y media


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I'm translating a school diploma from Colombia and the school used to be called the Centro Educativo de Básica Ampliada y Media de Bahía Honda. Does anyone know what Básica Ampliada y Media might mean in this context or in colombia?

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    No I didn't attend this school, its a work recommendation letter for another person. She apparently taught at this school and I believe it must be some sort of primary and elementary school, definitely not post-secondary. Thats all I know. I thought it would be a colombia-specific designation for school level.

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    Please refer to the following explanation I found on Wikipedia.

    Most Colombian kids go to primary school between the ages of 6 and 11. Only half of Colombian kids continue their education into secondary school. Secondary school starts at age 11 and continues for six years. Unlike some other countries, there is no vocational training in secondary school.

    Basica should refer to Basic or primary. It may be that this school is/was advanced.
    Media should refer to secondary.