educación básica secundaria


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Hi everybody, I´m just working on a translation of a curriculum vitae, from spanish to english and I am having some troubles trying to translate educación básica secundaria, it is the first three years of secondary education, Am I being clear with that explanation?

Thanks in advance!
  • Basic high school education. Si para ustedes son los ultimos tres años, si no:
    Basic Middle school Education = los primeros tres años.
    Pero qué más da si High School o Secondary School? Si tanto en Inglaterra como en Estados Unidos los dos términos son conocidos y tanto que usados. Yo creo que en un currículum eso tiene que dar igual. No? :)
    Secondary education - education beyond the elementary grades; provided by a high school or college preparatory school ...

    High School - It's only the three or four depending on the state, place, etc. years of school education.

    I just did not understand the question really good, but now I got it!!!