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Dear friends:

This is about an article on mistakes made by attorneys when implementing their marketing programs, and suggestions/advice given by a specialized law consultant. The line reads:"'X' is a law-firm consultant who specializes in education-based marketing for attorneys

It lists 17 'Mistakes' in which importance is given mainly on the nature of the information relating to the attorney's knowledge, skill and/or experience.

What I understand is that education-based marketing would be a marketing program that would provide information on the attorney, to educate his/her target-clients on his/her(attorneys') proficiency, thus inviting clients to contact and afterwards hire the attorney.

If the above is pure nonsense, I would like to know, PLEASE!!

Thank you
  • I understand that the marketing program would provide information to the attorneys, to educate them ,actually, on their field of business (target clients, potential clients, etc)

    that's my opinion