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Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

1. Considering that "education" can mean "the teaching of a particular subject"; considering that "traffic" can mean "vehicles moving along a road or street".

2. My question: Is the use of "traffic education" + on idiomatic/common? If not, what do you suggest? Please take a look.

''The city council is conducting a campaign on traffic education. They want people to drive more carefully, obey the traffic laws, etc.''

Thank you in advance!
  • ewie

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    Hullo X. I'd call that a driver education campaign. Traffic tends to be used (as your definition suggests) to describe the movement of vehicles on roads, rather than the way drivers handle their vehicles:)


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    To me, with an AE background, "driver education" is a formal program, often taught in secondary schools. I'm not sure what I'd call this program, though it sounds like an excellent idea.

    Also, is it only for drivers? If it's also for cyclists, pedestrians, and so on, "driver education" wouldn't work.


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    I should've emphasized in my first post: "I personally would call this ..." as I've never actually heard of such a campaign in this country either.
    For me the important factor is that it's intended to educate drivers, not the traffic, not the vehicles the drivers drive.

    If it was to include cyclists, pedestrians, etc. ... well, I wouldn't know where to start.
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