e'd've got a clip round the ear if we'd made any remarks."[/

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    Hi to Everybody!

    I'm translating a text, here there is an old man who is suffering from a mental disease. She is in the hospital, but she wants to go home and she thinks that the doctors are observing her. Now she is talking about a old woman who used to visit her when she was old.

    "Poor Emily used to visit us when she was old and the tops of her stockings fell down- like a fisherman's waders. We'd've got a clip round the ear if we'd made any remarks."

    What does the sentence in bold mean?

    Thank you!


    Font: "Matters of Life and Death" of Bernard MacLaverty
  2. Dlyons

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    We would have been given a slap on the ear, if we had said anything derogatory.
  3. owlman5

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    It means that someone would have smacked the speakers on the side of the head if they had made any disparaging remarks about poor Emily's droopy stockings.
  4. Loob

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    Just a thought: I guess you mean
    She must have been talking about her youth: for the most part, it was only children who were 'clipped round the ear' by parents, schoolteachers and so on.
  5. Bobbum Senior Member

    In case you're confused about the contraction We'd've, it's "We would have," but the next we'd is "we had."

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