'ee, 'e.

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Me aparecen en frases en las que se utiliza ese tipo de lenguaje en donde figuran palabras como: bain't, tis, thee, t'other, mayn't, wi'out, taint'...

Copio dos frases:

'E won't do much to you at first, save only to tease and torment 'ee, but when stars do shine thee will be happy.

"Oh", replied Jenny, "there bain't much for me to tell, only Mrs. Vosper 'ave been at me again. She's been telling me about they boys, and someone be saying that 'e'll hang 'isself if i don't come out and meet 'e under oak tree."

Pienso que significan He y Thee, pero estoy adivinando, realmente no sé. Agradezco cualquier ayuda. Saludos.
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