Eel sentences in English


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I'm all ears.
I'm all thumbs.
We waited, all curiosity.
I'm all attention.
These sentences might be called "eel sentences" that meet this equation S=C at first glance.

Could you give me more such example sentences?
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    Add me to the confused club. :confused:

    What, pray tell, is an eel sentence? I'm all ears, breathlessly awaiting the answer.

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    The term "eel sentence" derives from a famous example sentence in Japanese.
    That sentence could mean "I'm an eel." but it is supposed to mean, "As for me, eel please." (to a waiter, e.g.).
    This "eel sentence" usually belongs to "topic-prominent languages," but I'm wondering if there're any in other types of languages.
    In the English sentences I quoted, the following are what might constitute as S=C (Complement).

    I= thumbs


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    I'm the roast duck.
    I'm the chicken fajitas.
    I'm the Pinot Noir.
    I'm the red Mercedes.

    Any of those sentences, or similar, would be used and immediately understood here. They would be considered casual, but not at all incorrect.
    Am I understanding the idea correctly?

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    I believe there was a Beatles song with the line:

    I am the walrus.
    I'm a monkey's uncle.
    She was the sun.
    She's the sunshine.


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    Host: How many coffees; how many teas?

    A: I'm coffee.
    B: I'm tea.
    C: I'm herbal if you have any.
    D: Water for me.

    This kind of exchange is casual, but not unusual.


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    You also get this kind of exchange:

    A: Is there a cashpoint near here?

    B: What bank are you?

    A: Midland.
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