1. mille gateaux Member


    Their was a first show of the new model from AIRBUS.
    and many people were watching and moved by that scene.

    One man was interviewed,
    De voir un avion tout neuf, tout nouveau, décoller comme ça, pour la première fois,
    tout le travail qui a été effectué dessus
    . Donc c'est émouvant, quoi.

    In this line, dessus means 'like that'?
    -> all the labour being worked out like that.

  2. Mauricet Senior Member

    near Grenoble
    French - France
    Here dessus means sur lui (l'avion): all the work that was done on it.
  3. Pauline Meryle

    Pauline Meryle Senior Member

    Central France
    English UK
    Another (slightly more colloquial) translation possibility: all the work that went into it.
  4. mille gateaux Member

    THank you! That heleped a lot:)

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