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I didn't understand the reference to parc below. Tney are comparing how bicycle transport developed in France in comparison to cars.

Dans l’ombre de l’automobile, le vélo n’a pas pu fabriquer les effets « boule de neige » (effets de parc, de club, de réseau) qui ont fait le succès de la voiture.

Are they talking about a "fleet" effect? How would that make sense regarding bicycles? Or does parc mean something else here?
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    Are they talking about a "fleet" effect?
    Obviously yes, this is the intended meaning. The "parc automobile" is the entire pool of cars in a given territory.
    Now I'm not sure how the "parc automobile" can have an effect on the success of cars.


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    If lots of people have and use cars, then roads, streets, parking places etc. will be provided for cars. That leads to more cars on the roads, which...

    If not many people have or use bicycles, then the infrastructure needed for bicycles will not be provided.
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