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Which is the difference in meaning by placing the preposition "at" and "in" after "efficient"?, when should I use one preposition and when the other?

*Their equipment was not as efficient at finding gold as today's machinery.

*The heating system is very efficient in its use of fuel.
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    I think it might be the object that matters.

    Efficient in its use of fuel but efficient at using fuel.


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    In many situations, DeivDave, either preposition means the same thing. Here's such an example:

    She's efficient at everything she does.
    She's efficient in everything she does.

    Both sentences mean the same thing. In your examples, I like the prepositions as they are used. Efficient at finding gold (in is possible). Efficient in its use of fuel (Scotgrot's suggestion "efficient at using fuel" sounds good too).

    A good dictionary is probably your best aid in finding the prepositions most commonly used after particular words. Any dictionary that provides these words in context will be especially helpful.
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