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  1. timpeac

    timpeac Senior Member

    English (England)
    Bonjour Native speakers (no offense other francophiles and phones but I'd be interested in the reaction of those for who French is the first language) - if someone went to the shop to buy eggs but found they were sold out, would that person saying on returning empty-handed "il n'y a pas d'oeufs" (the plural being pronounced without the f) sound ok to you or would you find "il n'y a pas d'oeuf" (eg with the f pronounced) the more normal to your ears?

    If you prefer one over the other, is the other still possible? Is it heard?
  2. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    "il n'y a pas d'oeufs" ('d'oeufs' being pronounced as 'deux' [ two ])
  3. murf123 Member

    usa, english
    The rule of thumb I´ve always followed is: one egg, the "f" is pronounced, plural, it isn´t (or like the above, like ´deux´). Or,¨"an egg is enough for a Frenchman."
  4. zaby

    zaby Senior Member

    Comme Jean-Michel, j'utiliserais le pluriel et entendre "pas d'oeuf" me semblerait bizarre
  5. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    It's always "1 euff", many "eux", as J-M & Murf said. :)
  6. la_cavalière Senior Member

    St. Louis, MO
    anglais États-Unis
    Sorry to butt in here, but I have a related question. In the negative, do you use a plural noun or a singular noun?

    Il n'y a pas d'oeufs ou Il n'y a pas d'oeuf
    (Based on the responses above, it seems it's plural in this case)

    Je n'ai pas d'enfants ou Je n'ai pas d'enfant

    Je n'ai pas d'animaux ou Je n'ai pas d'animal

    Je n'ai pas de soucis ou Je n'ai pas de souci
  7. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    Dans tes exemples, je dirais
    Il n'y a pas d'oeufs
    Je n'ai pas d'enfant/s
    Je n'ai aucun animal
    Je n'ai pas de soucis

    But then, other natives will maybe disagree... I don't think there's a rule for that, it's how you feel it...
  8. zaby

    zaby Senior Member

    There is an interesting thread on that subject - where Timpeac was already concerned by (with?) eggs :) :

    I agree with Pieanne on your examples (except maybe that I would say "pas d'enfant" and "pas d'animal") and with the idea from the other thread that we keep the plural with "pas de" when the noun that follows is usually used with plural
  9. timpeac

    timpeac Senior Member

    English (England)
    Ah, yes - well done Zaby - I was just going to look for that discussion, which I think should answer the question.:)

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