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Hello... I am so confused, it is my second month learning italian and my book says the pronoms are:
io = I
tu/Lei= You
lui/lei= he/she
noi = we
voi= You*
Loro= They

but I have recently read in an old italian grammar book about the egli, ella, esso, essa, esse, essi, Voi standed for you in singular instead of Lei, and Loro standed for You* for plural.

I feel so confused, I have read on other forums but i got lost

I understand that is about old fashionated words like:
Egli, Ella instead of Lui, Lei for too formal context...Esso and Essa for animals and things...and other mix of words that I just get so confused.

Please, I would like to know the use of each one of those words, which are still in use, which are not, or if i just can use those that I've been learnt.
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    If I were you, I would stick to the newer book. The older forms are not commonly used and adding those currently rare alternates you would just clutter your mind with ( at this stage ) almost useless information.


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    Please check the frequently asked questions in the sticky above. There are several threads that can help you.
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