egress cover

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    egress cover

    Hi, in the scheme of an aerosol fire extinguishing system, at one end of the cylinder you have an egress cover... Well it's a cover with holes on it so that the particles can be expelled into the atmosphere...but since I don't seem able to find "egress" in any dictionary with regard to technology I thought it could be "coperchio esterno" o "c. di uscita" the latter doesn't sound good.. Can anyone help?. I found a graphic representation at this link:
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    Entrapta, may this help?
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    Non saprei però come risolvere il problema di quel partiocolare componente...
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    Non conosco la parola inglese, ma si tratta di un "coperchio eiettore", credo.
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    MH...grazie dell'input.
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    Hi, Entrapta. ‘Egress’ is an old legal word meaning ‘going out’.
    The opposite is ‘ingress’ which is still used today.
    Accordingly, a door is for egress from (or ingress to) a room/building, etc.

    Even today, in legal documents, especially leases, you will often see, for example, an entrance hall mentioned. Tenants usually have rights over the hallway to get access to their flats (apartments). To make sure that tenants don’t use the entrance hall for anything else (eg. Storing bicycles, prams, buggies, etc) the lease would say:

    ‘The tenant has a right of way through the hall but only for the purpose of ingress to and egress from the flat’.

    ‘Ingress’ is also used to describe leaks of water, etc. You might read in a survey report:
    I noticed cracks in the roof causing ingress of water to the loft.
    The seal around the window was defective causing ingress of water to the room.

    Technical descriptions often contain very formal words for the parts of a piece of equipment. That is probably why it’s called ‘egress cover’.

    The nearest I can think of is coperchio di bocchetta/ugello.
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    Thanks for the explanation.
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    Griglia di espulsione? di fuoriuscita?


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