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That ending in -om reminds me of the Slavic instrumental case (singular). Couldn't the Hungarian name for Egypt come from one of those neighouring languages?! Mine is only a hypothesis…
We discussed this already just a few posts ago (#38-39).

You also have finom "delicious" and templom "church", both of them from Latin which makes me think it's a preservation of the Latin -um suffix.
Yes, we have a number of Latin loans with this ending: alabástrom, salétrom, cimbalom, liliom, etc.
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    Amharicግብፅ Gïbt: considering the close connection between the Egyptian and Ethiopian Orthodox churches, it may be taking directly from the Coptic form, or it may be an adaptation of Greek Aigyptos.

    Edit: actually more likely influenced by Arabic qubT/qibT meaning Copt, as in Maria alQubtiyya, wife of the Prophet.
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