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    Well well ... Reading this posts, I have a new mystery now : which are the root letters of the verb ادي [eddi] "to give" ? Or this is also not a verb , but an imperative fix form ?...

    اديني ("give me") stays fix, even if it's addressed to a boy, a girl, or to more people ?

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    إدي is from the fuS7a verb أدَّى - يُؤَدِّي (to give, to submit).
    In Egyptian Arabic, we pronounce it edda (instead of "addaa"). Being a verb, it does change form according to its subject:
    إدي eddi is used with the pronouns إنتَ and إنتِ, and إدُّوا is used with إنتو.
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    Thank you very much, Cherine!

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