Egyptian Arabic: إنتي عارفة إني بأقدّرك

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    حتى لو زعل الناس مني وإنتي عارفه إني باقدرك

    أشواقي وخوفي

    can anyone tell me what the word qader means in this context? also, how else can i say this word/ another sentence?
    i already know what ما اقدر means in that context.....but i know that in the above sentences it has a deeper meaning

  2. ayed

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    it means respect

    قدر : أي احترم
  3. cherine

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    In the first sentence, the verb is addar (doubled د) and it means respect and/or appreciate, from the fuS7a قَدَّر - يُقدِّر. Another equivalent is باعِزِّك .

    But the second one seems to be different. We need a full sentence to determine which word is it.
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    As much as my passions and fears.
    The second one is Qadr
  5. alfmabrook New Member

    thank you all !

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