Egyptian Arabic: عندك إخوات في الجامعة دي

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    Is this sentence correct? I'm not sure if I have the demonstrative in the correct position. Should it go before or after the associated noun? Can it be either?
  2. cherine

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    It's correct. Demonstratives follow the nouns in Egyptian Arabic.
    الجامعة دي، الجامع دا، الناس دي، الرجّالة دول، الستات دي...
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    Thanks Cherine. Also, my book tells me that the plurals for brothers and sisters are the same word - ukhwaat I think. So can you use the plural to refer to brothers and sisters? How does one disambiguate?
  4. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    brothers and sisters: إخوات
    brothers: إخوات ولاد
    sisters: إخوات بنات

    and for
    the demonstrative, if you you put it:
    before - it will mean "this is" دي الجامعة "this is the university"
    after - it will mean "this" الجامعة دي "this university"
  5. visual1ce Member

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    Does one always find the word that the demonstrative points to with the definite article?
  6. Josh_ Senior Member

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    When it follows a word (like an adjective), the word is always definite. When it comes before a word it can be definite (دي الجامعة, this is the university) or indefinite (دي جامعة, this is a university), depending on the meaning intended.

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