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    Hi, everyone !

    What is fankuush or whatever it is pronounced?
    I've found it in a comment الحمد لله مطلعش فنكوش زي ما كانوا بيقولوا كدا . Is that something like fake, empty promise ...?
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    Arabic (Egypt)
    Yes, it is like fake , unreal.
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    Arabic (Egypt).
    This is something new, and not the meaning intended here.
    The word first made its appearance in the movie واحدة بواحدة which is the Egyptian remake of the American movie Lover come back. So it's the equivalent of the American movie's usage of the word (VIP) to refer to a product/thing that doesn't exist. Like many made-up words that were created in movies, series and plays, fankuush made its way into Egyptian Arabic, and is commonly used for bogus, false promises and the like.
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    The word fankush has been used in Tunisian Arabic for quite some time and predates the movie واحدة بواحدة (mid 1980"s). It's a sort of light and fluffy milk bread (the fluffiness may be a common feature of the Egyptian and Tunisian fankush food items)

    Edit: replaced edibles with food items :)
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    Thank you all, especially Cherine for her thorough explanation :thumbsup:
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    You're welcome.
    Frankly, this is the first time I hear of the fankush as food (in Egypt or elsewhere) and I personally believe the name was taken from the movie (which was made in 84) and not the other way round, because in the movie the whole "mystery" was played on the fact that no one knew what that fankush could be. If it were known by then, then there wouldn't be possible for the story of the movie to happen. Just like in the American movie no one knew what a "vip" because there was no such thing, as the male character just read the acronym VIP off of a newspaper in front of him as a one word (فيب instead of في-آي-بي).

    This is just commenting on the Egyptian fankush food, I don't know of the Tunisian one. Maybe the movie writer had heard that name before from a Tunisian person, I really don't know.
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