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  1. al-sarbi

    al-sarbi Senior Member

    Hi guys !

    What does it mean فيّص ? The English translation is " to fade up", but I'm not completely sure about its meaning.
    The sentence goes like this : كل الطلاب بيفيّصوا على الساعه واحده .. واحده ونص . All the students ---- around one o'clock ...around half past one.

    Thanks !
  2. ayed

    ayed Senior Member

    It seems to read:All students go out of school at 1.30 PM
  3. cherine

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    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    Sorry, Ayed, I'm afraid this is not correct. It means they're out of energy and can't focus or make effort anymore.
  4. al-sarbi

    al-sarbi Senior Member

    Thanks, Cherine !
  5. elroy

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    In English we can say "they run out of steam."

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