Egyptian Arabic: منين في مصر الجديدة؟

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    Watching a clip from Al-Kitaab and I'm not sure what this means or if I'm writing it correctly. I know the word gideed but I don't understand what that term means - masr ilgideeda. Context - introduction - where from - reply: min masr ilgideed (this speaker does not enunciate this quite clearly - I'm uncertain whether it is gideed or gideeda - sounds like gideed - but then why gideed here and gideeda here ->) then other party asks: see title.

    The clip is lesson 1.14 (3rd edition) and it is right near to the beginning.

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    "مصر الجديدة Maṣr el-Gedīdah" is a district in Cairo

    مصر الجديدة literally means "New Cairo"
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    Thanks - that clears things up.
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    Yes, it literally means "New Cairo." That area of Cairo is known as Heliopolis in English.

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