Egyptian Arabic: موفقنيش - وَفّق

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    البشر فهو يعتبر الله شماعة يعلق عليها اخطائه و دليل ذلك هى العبارات التى يستخدومنها (ربنا موفقنيش) ( كل شئ قسمة و نصيب)

    Mankind considers God a coat hanger from which he suspends his mistakes and the evidence for this is the expressions that they use (Our Lord is ...) (Everything is fate and destiny)
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    'did not give me success in this matter'
    ما وفقني ش
    simple egyptian negation
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    Dear rajulbat
    Please consider the following translation;
    Some people always provide excuses through act of Providence for their faults, that is clear in using expressions like it wasn't my day or it is an Act of God
    dear participants, if you have corrections or better solutions please do not hesitate :) !
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    'It wasn't my day' is good.
    An 'act of God' in English means a natural disaster.

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