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    I was told, that there's a city near Cairo called Shobra. And if you say you are from Shobra, everybody is scared of you, because it's a "mafia" city.
    It was told to me half jokingly of course, but still what's the deal with this Shobra?
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    It's not a city and it's not near Cairo, it's IN Cairo and it's the name of a neighborhood, many of whose inhabitants can be described as poor. As in any poor neighborhood in any city in the world, you will find some criminals, but it's unfair to characterize the neighborhood as "mafia".
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    It's also huge and many areas lack good access roads and basic infrastructure so much of it is the kind of area we call a عشوائية which is in fact controlled by mafia-style thugs. Someone from this kind of area would have to be tough to survive.

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