Egyptian Arabic: To cover one's tracks

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How do you say the following in Egyptian Arabic: To cover your tracks (i.e. to conceal one's traces so as to elude pursuers; to leave no evidence behind, no sign that you were present)

If you cover your tracks well enough, noone will be able to tell that you were there.

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    * MSA would be acceptable (مسحت أثرك)
    * extra-egyptianised version of your way of saying it:
    لو غطّيت ورا نفسك و مسحت أثرك .. مش حيعرف حد انك كنت موجود
    but it sounds a bit 'translated'
    * or you could say 'sneaked' إتخفّيت or 'hide' اتدارىٰ as you walk
    لو إتداريت وانت ماشي ما حدّش حيعرف إنّك كنت موجود
    that seems a bit more natural
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