Egyptian-brokered truce

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Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, announced the ceasefire in a joint statement. "The resistance will abide by the ceasefire agreement as long as the Israeli occupation adheres to the Egyptian-brokered truce," it said.

Egypt and the United Nations had been working to bring a halt to hostilities along and around the Gaza border since Monday evening.

What is the meaning of brokered truce?

Israel-Gaza ceasefire brings end to most severe round of fighting since 2014 war - CNN
  • Packard

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    From Google definitions:

    past tense: brokered; past participle: brokered
    1. arrange or negotiate (a settlement, deal, or plan).

    The Egyptians negotiated the truce.


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    Three parties negotiated the truce (allegedly) - the Palestinians and the Israelis were the main parties; the Egyptians are not directly involved in the conflict, but they brokered a deal (allegedly) between the two main parties. The Egyptians brought the two sides together, or at least communicated with the two sides, and reached a ceasefire agreement.

    Compare: XYZ Ltd is an insurance broker that advises clients and introduces them to insurance companies that actually sell the insurance polices.
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