Egyptian Dialect: البلاعة مسدودة

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  1. Lark-lover

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    Salam All.

    I didn't get the point from the relationship between the word البلاعة مسدودة and the whole text?

    عاوز تقنع الناس باى فكرة او اى حاجة علشان يطلعلك من وراها سبوبة و مصلحة اربطها بالدين و اقعد احلف ان كان فيه واحد ضد الفكرة دى زمان و كان جزاءه ان جاله شلل الاطفال و عياله معرفوش يوصلوا لامهم علشان كانت البلاعة مسدودة ..
    If you want to convince people with any idea or anything and to have a swearword or an interest, you have to choose something that is religious-related. Just swear by Allah that there was a person who was against this idea for a while. ِAs a result, he was stricken with poliomyelitis and his children did know how to meet their mother because the sewage drain was blocked.
    متشكرين أوي خالص :D
  2. ayed

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    3alikum assalam ..
    It seems to me to be a sort of a sarcastic but unsure of though.

    But wait until our Egyptian native-speakers' explanations
  3. OSamra New Member

    Wa'alaykomulsalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatoh,

    It states the following:

    If you want to convice people with any idea or anything to get from it a rewward (money) just relate it to religion and start swearing that someone was opposing this idea from a long time ago, and his reward was being stricken with poliomylitis (to let the person who was swore to, fear and not to oppose his idea) and his children did not know how to meet their mother because the sewege darin was blocked (the blockage doesn't relate the mother and children's meeting unless one of them is living inside the sewege drain :)). As a result the person who heard the swearing will be afraid, then after that just tell him any irrational phrases, and he will be convinced by.

    This is my interpretation as an Arabic native speaker, and Allah knows better than anyone.
  4. Lark-lover

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    Thank you very much, Ayed and OSamra.

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