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    Hi everybody!

    I wanted to ask a thing about germinate verbs in egyptian:

    I found that a verb like شكّ "to doubt" is conjugated بشكّ "bashikk" .

    But I found a person saying انا بشكك "ana bashakik"

    I am a bit in confusion; is another way to conjugate it?

    Thank you!
  2. clevermizo Senior Member

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    I think this might just be a variant: بشكّك based off of شكّك rather than بشكّ based off of شكّ. But, we'll have to wait for an Egyptian speaker to confirm.
  3. cherine

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    The correct pronunciation is bashokk. And it means "I doubt" or "I suspect"
    bashakkik means "I throw doubts about something" (because I want you to doubt it, to mistrust it...).

    So, they're 2 different verbs, sharing the same root and close meanings.

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