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Hey all

I was wondering how this would be said in egyptian:

he had an accident; he lost control of the car

7aSaletlo 7adsa; he lost control...

Also, would the same phrase be used when saying
'he lost control of the situation' ?

Alf shokr ya gama3a
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    Hello London,

    My initial thought would be فقد السيطرة (على العربية)ا (fa2ad il-sayTara), but I am not sure, that might be too literal.
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    Thanks, Josh.

    I was trying to explain to someone how an accident happened.

    I.e. It was his fault as he lost control of the car.

    (I should probably make another post for 'it was his fault'.)


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    You're welcome.

    I think you could say:

    الذنب عليه عشانه/لأنه فقد السيطرة على العربية
    iz-zamb 3alee 3ashaanu/li2innu fa2ad is-sayTara 3ala 'l-3arabiyya.
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    Arabic (Egypt).
    I'm not sure either how to say "lost control". What came to my mind is:
    الدركسيون فلت من إيده
    ed-derksioon (the steering wheel, taken from French) falat men iido.

    But if someone lost control of the car, would that be his fault? :confused:
    As for "it was his fault", we say هُوَّه الغلطان or كانت غلطته .

    As a whole, and if my translation of "lost control" is correct, I'd translate the sentence like this:
    هو اللي كان السبب في الحادسة [عشان] الدركسيون فلت من إيده
    الحادسة كانت غلطته هوه عشان الدركسيون فلت من إيده

    I wrote الحادثة with a siin because that's how it's pronounce in Egyptian. But I don't usually write it like this. :)

    على فكرة يا جوش، اقتراحك ممكن يكون سليم، بس أنا ما علَّقتش عليه عشان فعلاً مش متأكدة من الترجمة السليمة للتعبير ده.
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