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    english Irish.
    Hi, confused about this word.

    Reading about the idea of gay couples receiving equal tax rights in Germany as well as possible adoption rights.

    So müsse erst das Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts zur Übertragung des Ehegattensplittings auf die Homo-Ehe abgewartet werden.

    So first of all the Federal Constitutional Court judgement on the passing-on of spousal(...) to gay couples must be awaited.

  2. Hutschi

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    Hi, Ehegattenspitting means that the income of both man and wife are put together and divided by two for income tax calculation. Because of the progressive increasing of income tax with income the tax is reduced the pair has to pay.
    This is true if they have different incomes. If both have the same income, it does not change possibly.

    You do not pay income tax for your own income but for the middle value of the income of both.

    This is not the case for two married men or for two married wives at the moment (homo-spouses).

    May be a word is "income tax sharing" - but I do not know the English word.
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  3. berndf Moderator

    German (Germany)
    Joint assessment.
  4. fdb Senior Member

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    French (France)
    So "splitting" is pseudo-English for "joint assessment"?
    Like French "talkee-walkee"?
  5. berndf Moderator

    German (Germany)
    Yes .
  6. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.
    Joint assessment sounds right to me too...thanks everyone...

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