Ein ethisches Sichbesinnen auf die Neuentwicklungen

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    I am trying to translate the following:

    Ein ethisches Sichbesinnen auf die Neuentwicklungen in diesem Sektor tut Not.

    My best try is...

    An ethical reflection on the new developments in this sector is a necessity.

    but it doesn't seem to make sense. Lexicons give me little help on "Sichbesinnen" as a noun; I have chosen to use "reflections" as the definition. Also, the ending construction "tut Not" seems awkward.

    Any sugguestions or enlightenments?

    vielen Dank

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    Hello M J Stockton :)

    The German sentence doesn't make much sense, either, in my opinion. "Sich besinnen auf" normally means "to recollect something". For instance:
    In letzter Zeit bin ich ziemlich überfordert und hektisch. Ich sollte mich auf das besinnen, was mir wirklich hilft.

    "Sich besinnen" always refers to something that you experienced before (and have forgotten in recent times), or values. Therefore, "sich auf Neuentwicklungen besinnen" doesn't make sense to me.

    What they probably want to say in the text is not "Sichbesinnen auf", but "Überdenken", something like: "Wir sollten diese Neuentwicklungen unter ethischen Gesichtspunkten neu bedenken / neu bewerten / überdenken". But this is just what I can grasp at the moment.

    What is the context in which the sentence appears?

    I've found the source; the text seems to be a translation from Dutch europarl.europa.eu:

    Edit: That's how I would understand it now: "Bei den Neuentwicklungen in diesem Sektor müssen wir uns auf unsere ethischen Werte besinnen".
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    Thank you, Sowka.

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