Eine anstrebende Oberfläche (19th century German)


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Dear All,

I am translating a mechanical treatise from ancient Greek into English. Since the only existing edition of my text is German (late XIX century) I have been reading German for a while. My author is describing a roofed temple and the surface of its roof is said to be 'stretched out', 'taut'. Very few interpretation have been offerred so far and it is not even sure that the Greek word for 'taut' is right in that context. Nevertheless, the only literal translation/explanation of this has been given by a nineteenth-century German scholar, who translates my Greek expression as 'Eine anstrebende Oberfläche'. I have been reading this forum before posting my own thread and consulting any kind of German-English dictionary but I cannot figure out what this scholar meant by 'anstrebende'. I know the verb means 'aspire for', 'strive for' but I cannot see how that could mean 'raised up', 'extending upwards' (which is exactly the meaning needed in this context, or at least the most plausible one).

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Thank you very much for your kind help.


  • You can interprete "anstreben" as "hinanstreben" (hinaufstreben, nach oben streben) = to extend upwards.

    A "Strebe" (strut / brace) is a diagonal contruction element.