Eine Flasche Gel

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  1. larmaint

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    Continuing with the shopping list:

    Is Ein Flasche Gel correct?
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  2. Sowka

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    Hello larmaint :)

    The noun "Flasche" is feminine. Would you like to try again?
  3. larmaint

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    Eine Flasche Gel then? I thouht I had to look at the word Gel instead of Flasche... German is very difficult for me :( but I'll keep on studying :)
  4. Gernot Back

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    How come? Actually, the word-formation concept of German is pretty straight forward!

    Evidently eine Flasche Gel consists of two separate nouns, whereas eine Gelflasche is a compound word. In compound words it is always the last constituent that determines the gender and tells you what this thing is, basically.

    Eine Gelflasche is a bottle (last constituent of the compound word) designed to contain gel.
    Eine Flasche Gel is just the amount of gel that fits in one bottle.

    Flasche is used with the indefinite article, because bottles are countable. Uncountable substances like Gel, Haarspray, Bier, Zucker, Salz, etc. are used without article.

    Flaschen-Gel would be a gel from a bottle as opposed to gel from a can or other containers. Can you tell the gender of the compound word Flaschen-Gel now?
  5. Hutschi

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    Hi, can you give some context, please?
    The grammar is ok now. But is the sentence correct?

    Is it just to remember or do you need a certain amount?

    It may be "500 ml Gel" or "eine 500-ml-Flasche Gel".
    Is it really just "Gel"? Any kind?

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