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  1. krisstin Senior Member

    Hola a todos en el foro, me preguntaba cuál es la diferencia entre y en qué casos concretos usamos cada una de ellas:


    :tick: Gracias por anticipado.
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  2. NealMc Senior Member


    English uses "neither" less than Spanish does. Neither can end up in "double negatives" which sound wrong in English.

    Do you want either a sandwich or a beer? A specific choice between one thing or another thing.

    Do you like Ham Sandwiches?
    Me neither! A confirmation of an equal dislike.

    Do you have any sandwiches?
    No, I have none. (no I don't have any! - is more natural). A confirmation that I have no items of a resource.

    Neal Mc
  3. Sallyb36

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    The answer to Do you want either a sandwich or a beer could be "neither, thank you."
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  4. MireBN Member

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    Hello, I would like to know if sometimes NEITHER and NONE could be interchangeable. For instance, I've came across with a text saying:

    "(…) It soon becomes apparent from the twins's behaviour that NEITHER is capable of leading a normal life (…….) It comes apparent that NONE of the people involved with the twins (…)"

    The meaning is the same right? But.. maybe neither cannot be used in the second case because of the preposition?

    Thanks in advance :)
  5. Milton Sand

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    hasta donde he sabido, «neither» es «ninguno [de los dos]».

  6. aztlaniano

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    either = cualquiera de dos
    any = cualquiera de tres o más

    neither = ninguno de dos
    none = ninguno de tres o más

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