either-or situation


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Urdu (Pakistan)
How can we express "either-or" in Arabic with a single word, like in the sentence, "It is an either-or situation."

Note that I'm looking for a single word only.

If there is no single word, how can we create one?
  • rayloom

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    Arabic (Hijazi Arabic)
    I was actually able to find "إما أو" used for the same meaning (probably a literal translition though). It appears fine however, and totally understandable.

    إما أن وسائل الإعلام هذه تتفق على عدد من القضايا وأن اهتماماتها متشابهة؛ ب: أنهم يعقدون اجتماعات دورية لتنسيق أسئلتهم، لذا فإن الأمر (إما.. أو).

    This is the source:
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