ejecución presupuestaria anual


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Is it possible to render this into English as annual budget execution? To me, it sounds too literal, but budget execution has over 800.000 hits on Google. The ejecución presupuestaria anual indicates how and when a project's budget should be spent. Context: The text talks about the regulations of a public institution which provides funding to educational institutions, so that they can bolster researchm, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Original sentence: Como ya se señaló, el financiamiento de esta iniciativa proviene de CORFO, por ello los recursos adjudicados deben ser ejecutados y rendidos según los procedimientos definidos por dicha institución. Por otra parte, la propia universidad impone normas y procedimientos claros para la ejecución anual de su presupuesto.
My attempt: As already stated, this program is funded by CORFO, which is why the funds must be disbursed and accounted for according to that institution’s accounting procedures. The university, in turn, also imposes its own regulations, and clearly defines procedures for its yearly budget execution.

Look forward to your answers, thanks in advance!

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    Hola, Gonzalo, parece un documento largo:
    I would say: ....for the yearly expenditure of its budget”