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    Hello! I'm trying to translate the following paragraph but it doesn't seem right in English. I'm highlighting the parts in which I think I'm having trouble:

    ABC forma ciudadanos ejemplares desde la niñez, en el sentido de que impulsa que las niñas y los niños, miembros de la comunidad organizada de un estado, a servir de modelo en el ejercicio de sus derechos y el cumplimiento a las normas y deberes que tiene todo ciudadano, particularmente vistas como el derecho a vivir en paz y a convivir en libertad.

    ABC teaches children how to become better citizens for the program incites every member of an organized community to serve as an example of civil rights exercise, fulfilling civic responsibilities entitled to all citizens, seen particularly as the right to live in a peaceful and liberty based environment.

    Thank you!
  2. Tazzler Senior Member

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    My two cents:

    "urges" is better than "incites" and "civil rights exercise" is better worded as "exercise of their (civil) rights."
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    Here's my attempt at it:

    ABC trains model citizens from childhood on, in the sense that it encourages children, as members of the organized community of the state, to serve as models in the exercise of their rights and in the fulfillment of the responsibilities and duties of all citizens, in particular in regard to the right to live in peace and to coexist in freedom.
  4. Pabloamnu New Member

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    Thank you very much!

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