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    Hello, I have to do a writing exercise and I have a question with this expression. ( Debo informarle que el 30 de abril será la fecha final para presentar los libros contables.)

    In this sentence: I have to inform you that the 30th of April will be the deadline for presenting the account books. My question is whether the expressions in bold should be omitted or not. Perhaps it's better to write it in a different way. "I have to inform you that the deadline for presenting the account books will be 30th April. (should I include the article THE or not?)

  2. LanguageUser1234 Banned

    English U.S.
    In the U.S., in a more-or-less formal written document, "....that April 30...." would be the most common.

    I think (but am not sure) that in the U.K, "30 April" may be more typical.
  3. The Newt

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    English - US
    I would use "that April 30th will be..."
  4. Aguas Claras Senior Member

    UK English
    In UK English, I would write "... that 30 April...". Others would write "... that 30th April..... It would not be incorrect to write April 30, but it's more US usage.
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    Thanks to everybody
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    --- In UK English, I would write "... that 30 April

    Sorry, I must disagree with this one (the above way of saying/writing this date). I would never use this, even when talking about the dates for auditing ledgers (libros contables)
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    This is interesting.. isn't on mandatory on dates always?

    I am always writing forms such as

    "...on the 30th of April..."
  8. Oujmik Senior Member

    British English
    No, not if you are making a statement about the nature or identity of that date , especially where the date precedes the verb.

    The 30th of April is the deadline
    The 12th of June is an important day
    The party is on the 12th August

    Incidentally in BrE (at least my version) the words 'the' and 'of' are often omitted in writing but generally included when speaking, even if reading text where they are omitted. For example "I am writing to inform you that the the new deadline is 12th April (or April 12th)" could be spoken "...deadline is the 12th of April (or April the 12th)"

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