El alma se la han de haber partido a golpes

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    I would really appreciate some help with the use of pronouns in the following sentence:

    'El alma se la han de haber partido a golpes
    de tanto darles potreones a la vida'

    Is the 'la' here is referring to 'la vida'? If so the English translation would be somewhere along the lines of 'the soul must have split life with its blows after so many struggles' but this doesn't seem to make much sense..

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    "la" refers to "alma". :) Note that "alma" is a feminine noun and that they used "el" before "alma" just because the first "a" in "alma" is stressed.
    "se" refers to "a él", which are the indirect objects of the sentence. As in "yo le doy la mesa a él" = "Yo se la doy"
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    Ah I see, thanks a million!

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