el asombro es fijar el pensamiento en...

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    Hello all,

    I am translating a document at the moment about the financial crisis in Spain, and I have come across a bit I can't quite make out. Here it is:

    "Spinoza dice que el asombro es fijar el pensamiento en una cosa particular debido a que no tiene conexión con ninguna otra.".

    In this context does 'asombro' mean fear rather than astonishment? I have looked up the word in the rae and it stresses the fear element of the word, while other bilingual dictionaries seem to only think it means astonishment or surprise.

    Which meaning do you think? Thanks very much in advance.
  2. manxo Senior Member

    Galego y Castellano de España
    Parece que se trata de una definición del concepto "asombro" según lo entiende Spinoza; y dice que, para él, "asombro" es quedarse embelesado en una única cosa, que se muestra totalmente aislada; sería, por tanto, según Spinoza (y de acuerdo con mi interpretación) astonishment.
  3. PatentBoi Member

    Thanks very much for your input, Manxo! I have gone with astonishment in the end. Have a good day.,
  4. Conree New Member

    Una definición bellísima del asombro, le haría cosquillas a Sócrates.. just for the record, what is the document about the spanish financial crisis? I'd like to see how Spinoza showed up there!


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